A Work In Progress...


Jack Breslin is a freelance photographer based in Parsippany, New Jersey. Over the past fifteen years, Jack has roamed the country and the world capturing images of the people and surroudings he found there. From the streets of New York to the vistas of the far west to the splendor of Europe, Jack accumulated a vast portfolio of iconic images, whatever that means.

Jack has gone to great lengths to find and shoot scenes that are both high quality and pleasing to the eye. In a few instances, he actually succeeded in that goal. In the early years, he concentrated on black and white street scenes. Jack calls this his "black and white" period. Later, he branched out to color embracing landscapes, architecture, flowers and even some portraits.

The photo galleries that follow were assembled by Jack's long-time agent and confidant, John Gribbin. Gallery content is as follows:

     Gallery 1   Latest new work       Gallery 5  Yellowstone

     Gallery 2   Chicago                   Gallery 6   Europe

     Gallery 3   Cape May                 Gallery 7   Black and White

     Gallery 4   New York City          Gallery 8   Color

On behalf of Jack Breslin, I sincerely hope you enjoy looking at the photos.

John Gribbin

June, 2011

PS:  Jack's career took a new turn with the arrival of new twin girls on February 27, 2012. The girls are "dragon Babies" because they were born in the year of the dragon. See them in Galleries 1 and 7.